DDA # 242K 1/24 Ford XY Falcon GTHO Custom Slammed

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DDA # 242K 1/24 Ford XY Falcon GTHO Custom Slammed Plastic Kitset

DDA continue their winning streak of awesome Aussie models designed for the hardcore Aussie builder collector!

This Ford Falcon XY model kit is aimed at the serious model builder. Features include metal axles, opening hood, and three different colours of GT stripes to suit your final concept. These will include body, interior parts, engine and trim.

Don’t let anyone else define what your Dream car looks like – take matters into your own hands by building it yourself! Everything you need is in one place so just add some imagination and get ready for hours of stimulating assembly as you create something that will be uniquely yours forever! Unleash your creativity and build something amazing with this model kit.

Paint and Glue Sold Seperate 

Needed To Complete
Building Tools
Plastic Cement