Optix #HQ11768050 Symphony Beach 1.3 Rainbow

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Sportskites #Symphony Beach 1.3 Rainbow 

Excellent flight performance, easy handling and tons of fun are the attributes of our new Symphony Beach range. Designed to match the demands of beginners these kites offer a very good price-performance ratio and reasonable accessories.

All sizes in our Symphony Beach range are constructed with our pilots' fun in mind. They fly very stable to deliver remarkable speed and pull for their sizes. These kites provide worry-free fun and will keep any pilot entertained for hours.
Complete with lines on winder and wrist straps.
  • Age 8 years and up
  • Item No: 101013K
  • Package Dimension: Approx 15 x 29 x 6 cms
  • Kite Type: Dual line
  • Width: 130 cm / 51 in
  • Height: 55 cm / 22 in
  • Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
  • Line incl.: Polyester 45 kp / 100 lb., 2 x 25 m / 80 ft. on winder with straps
  • Wind: 2-6 Bft. (10-49 km/h I 6-31 mph)
  • Includes Accessories